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Hey.. Here's a blurb for you : ''Air Can, flying dead 90, IFR Charlie Yankee Yankee Zulu, Descend at your own discretion....''
That link to the smoke granades was not english to me. I am pretty quick at picking up lingo- (see above, studying pilot things currently) so hit me up with explanations and I'll be fine.
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Originally Posted by Grim Fandango View Post
Ok, so let me get this straight here Megan.

- You wish to buy your boyfriend some airsoft stuff and/or video games for christmas
- You enjoy playing airsoft
- You enjoy playing video games
- You like to drink beer
- You seem to have a reasonably healthy obsession with sex

Do you happen to have like, a sister, who is like you in all these ways and is single, and lives in Toronto
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