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Oh lord, you guys are great. Yes you do know him, PM me and I'll give you more details on who
Part of the thread is him not knowing dudes.
So, under the radar nuh?
He's military so he's got the CADPAT's he's got tiger stripped, chest rigs (2) and the standard issue tac vest, he's got a 15 mag first line defense, and i believe he was thinkign of putting in an order for bb's. He doesn't like people spending money on him, so giving him money isn't viable. But gift certificates sound liek the best bet.
Also I thought it quite hilarious and laughed outright at the note to keep the bb's in the bag.
I'm thinkign he might like some smoke nades.

Keep em comin, n thanx dudes. ur awesome.
~Lady Sparks~
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