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Originally Posted by Penguin
Originally Posted by gandar
Originally Posted by Penguin
Just make the walls out of a printed spandex or other flexable fabric with a photography of a wall or brick or whatever printed on it (they can do it). Now you have many vertical slits in it, so it will be invisible but a bb will most always find a way through to the other side. After this, the slits would automatically close up and save you from having to replace a billion walls.
The only problem with that, is that it's not too sturdy for someone to bump in to, I'd rather have solid walls that can take a body check, than have my bbs be able to go through them....
Excellent point, that hadn't actually crossed my mind. The only thing less realistic than bb's not going through walls.. is random people flying through them ever 2 seconds. It would be like a Chow Yun Fat movie.

But it's still a GREAT idea for sections of wall, say, just above hip height and in areas where someone leaning on it are slim.
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