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XT seems expensive, but people do it almost every day (except monday, when theyr'e closed).. And keep in mind that's $18.00 if you own your own gun, and upwards of $45 for the rental of a fully kitted out G36C.

Not to mention: You don't need a PR Blitz to get out there, XT's been working on word of mouth alone. Gord's little hand-folded brochures get passed around a lot at social venues and they've showed off the 'goods' at LAN parties as well.

Plus, at XT there are a bunch of people who just volunteer to fill mags, clean kit, organize do briefings and ref matches. I'm still unsure as to who ACTUALLY works there ( ) but I'm sure there would be enough enthusiastic airsofters to fill the void of "Will Work For Free BB's And Propane"
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