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Originally Posted by Combine
Btw, I have read the rules and faqs on this site, I do know that playing airsoft in public is dangerous and will get you screwed if someone sees you, but I asked because its not technically "public" the chances of being seen is really low because its grounds owned by the cotage owner ( my friends rent ).
I want to play but im not sure i want to play at a field where everyone will have uber experiance and better equipment to own me with
It does not matter; you can get seen in an area where it's not allowed. By 'public' we mean anywhere that is not fenced-in and where someone could see you while hiking. This means any person at all, it does not mean public lands.
Even on private land, this is NOT legal. Ok?
You're also underaged, that is your current primary problem.

Play at a field with the consent of your parents, and learn, or wait until you are 18. Even then, play at a field where it's allowed and nowhere else.

Would you carry a real machine gun around? No? Then dont do this. The police will deal with you as if they were real. Try to explain that to your parents from jail and decide if it's worth trying.

This is Quebec, I know what the QPP thinks about airsoft. I have tons of legal permits and even then I would not do this. Clear?
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