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I know you are trying very hard to appear professional, but... correct grammar and spelling, even here, would help a lot.

In general, until you have a production permit, you are screwed. Getting guns will be expensive (retail prices as mentioned). And until you go through the age-verification process (information on that is listed in these forums) you wont be able to get anything.

This does not remove the problem that these types of guns, even used as props, fall under several stiff legal rules.

You're trying to make a movie. No matter where you do that it WILL attract attention. Now I dont know what part of the world you grew up in, but if ANYONE sees guys with machine guns in a field they WILL call the police. That's why you better have the permits. It will make a difference between a temporary annoyance, or jail, or the morgue.

These things look real even down to close visual inspection. Never underestimate the nervousness of the public specially in these times of terrorism. No, we're not joking with you. We're killing ourselves trying to get you to understand that this may mean getting shot for real, and we're telling you over and over how to avoid that.

How else can I put this... do you have the right to carry a real machine gun? If like most of us the answer is no, it's up to you to follow advice or risk the same legal consequences.

Ok? We're not trying to bust your ass, but man... please listen? The resources are here for you to read, just read them.
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