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Extreem -tactics ... charges $18.00 for 45 minutes of game play...

seems kinda high to me.. particularly when the going rate seems to be $20 to $25 for 4+ hours here in the GTA.

However that said... the going price is artificialy low because we are using a "paintball" benchmark,, and we all know that the real money is made in paint sales and rentals.

Because airsofters expect to pay such low prices it really reduces the viability of any airsoft only venture. TTAC3 is only possible because it is my space .. and the other things I am doing there are paying the bills. As a stand alone venture.. it is not viable.

I think that the going rate for field fees needs to be doubled to $40 to $50, This is a more realistic price to pay for the use of indoor facilities.
However.. the market dictates that this is "too much" despite the fact that a game of paintball anywhere will cost you easily 3 to 5 times the field fee by day end.

Airsofters have unreasonable expectations with respect to cost to play.

For any airsoft only facility with full access, play every day, proshop,special events.. excetera... the typical player would need to become used to paying between $50 and $60 a session, to start.. and be required to use on site purchased BBs ....even then you would need a solid 20 to 30 players every day to make a go of it.

As I have said.. it's not impossible.. but you would need to have enough backing to loose money for at least 2 years before it could build enough of a client base to start paying.

lets look at the numbers for a startup.

Say a 10 000 sq foor space, at $15 per foot, rent = $150 000.00 a year
renovations.. to make the space useable.. say $20 per square foot, $200 000.00
Insurance, $20 000.00
rental equipment, investment $30 000.00
marketing, $20 000.00
Employees.$125 000.00
utilities, $24 000.00 a year

first year **expenses** for start up $570 000.00

and year over year expenses..just to keep the doors open.. $350 000.00

or $956 per day which means you need 25 players at $40 per player per day to just break even..
you have not paid a penny on the Hummer you will invariably feel entitled to, or paid yourself a cent.

to make a decent living for yourself.. you would need another 5 players every day.. up to 30 then.. every day.

so.. all I need is 30 guys to commit to pay me $1200 a month to play airsoft every day, and I'l do it.. I will set it up.

You would need a player base of thousands to do it...Again this is relying only on the itinerant airsoft player... Add in other revenue streams like "corporate teambuliding" "professional training" contracting out to police and military for training.. proshop income, concessions... then it starts ot become more viable... But again you need to have backing for at least 3 years full expenses to really have any hope of success.

so anyone got 1.4 million they want to put up to finance the venture?
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