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my involvement is limited to, and only to, doing repair work for them as needed (nobody else around here does it). besides that i buy all my guns there and why not. they're local for me and if i need something small, like bb's, i can get them in 5 minutes. most guys are forced to buy online as it is they don't have local retailers. i buy nothing online, ever, and see no need to ever do so. frank and i talk all the time about "should i bring this in?" or "what parts do we need" so i here shop talk all the time. frank is an old-school paintballer and as he runs the largets paintball retailer in canada and supplies many retailers nationally, this is a sideline for him. but he didn't get his paintball business as big as it is by being a prick. he's a very easy guy to get along with and has bent over backwards for me for years. i've heard from guys around here who bought a gun and had it breakdown a couple of days later and he just replaced it for the guy with a new one. now, i don't know what other guys do as i don't buy from them, but i do know few retailers in any field (airsoft or otherwise) that do that. frank enjoys airsoft and actually comes out to play with us about once a month. you can purchase from whomever you like as this still is a free country and retailers will always have die-hard supporters (as i am for canadian airsoft).
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