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Originally Posted by Combine
They sell to anywhere in canada?

I have to ask cuz its lacking an info page, but if it does, im a happy camper.

(might as well ask)

I know im not 18 yet, so i was hoping to get some of the cheap stuff on this site to play airsoft with my friend at his cotage in the woods ( his cotage is located in the northern part of quebec ) since there isnt anyone around, do you think this is safe ? or a disaster waiting to happen

That depends on how bad you want to meet the QPP SWAT team.
Wait until you are 18, and play on fields where it's allowed.

Even folks who have those guns dont take them to cottages. So unless you can shoot real machine guns at your cottage, forget that idea and forget the cheap stuff.

Your question is like asking if you can drive on the highway with a tricycle.
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