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Nope, I don't have a permit, and I don't plan to get one. I am not shooting within the city limits. I am only from Toronto, not shooting the film here.

If you must know, the film is being shot in the middle of a sod field in Alliston Ontario.
Point is, if some farmer drives by and sees a bunch of people in a field with guns... you'll be met with some unpleasant response from the police.
It's only one farmer. We have secured a location in which the only surrounding property is his, and his alone. In addition, the schedualed location is not within sight of any highway or residential/commercial buildings.
I think you're missing the point here.
OK, and I'm honestly not trying to seem aggressive here, what was the point exactly? The only people who see this set will be the crew, the actors, and the owner of the property, who has agreed to all of this in advance.

As a disclaimer, I will repeat, if I am missing somthing here, please excuse my ignorance.
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