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Originally Posted by Duff_Man_in_CADPATs
There are quite a few memebrs of the film industry here on board, including Skruface I believe. They might be able to point you in the right direction, and confirm that you've taken all necessary precautions and conformed to procedure. 'Film Makers' are met with intense scrutiny on this board, as most real film makers (even independant and on a budget) get a master of arms to secure the props for them.
Are you talking about a gun wrangler, or just someone who can secure the props legally and pass them on to myself for the filming?

If gun wrangler, no, I cannot afford one. If the other, I would be very interested in this course of action.

Unfortunately, I would not say I am involved with the film 'industry,' as this film of only $10,000 (including equipment) is definately not for profit, only publicity.
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