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Advice on Aquiring Inexpensive Airsoft Guns for Film

Hi guys,

I'm looking to your expertise for some advice here. I am an independant filmmaker in Toronto, and I am gearing up for production of my feature next summer. The film is a modern adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, in which the Queen is a drug dealer and the Rabbit is a paranoid schitzofrantic. Needless to say, the script includes it's fair share of guns.

Now, my shopping list includes the following:

4x MP5s (for the 'cards'... the Queen's entourage)
2x Silver Berrettas
2x UZIs
1 PSG1 (or similarily sexy sniper rifle for the Queen)
And the probaably a few CSI SR-16s and AK-47s, but those are just gravy.

Note that, their functionality is not paramount, and these will never actually be loaded with pellets, nor used for anything besides props on private property. Because of this, I am looking for cost-efficient guns that look their part without close inspection. As you might have imagined, I have had alot of trouble finding exactly what I want in Canada. To my dismay, most of my most affordable options seem to only be available from American retailers, such as

An idea of what I'm looking for, from said retailer:

Thank you for your help and time guys. I appologize in advance for any ignorance I may portray on the this subject, I know very little about guns, besides their looks- which makes sense, given my profession.

Thanks again.
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