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I have had NUMEROUS messages. Just an update. I DO NOT work there I am only a customer. And as with anything else, shop around. No single retailer is going to have "the cheapest" prices. For reasons I can only guess as to why. Why does starbucks charge $27 for a cup of coffee? When Second cup is $2 and Timmy Ho Ho's is $1.65. It's all coffee afterall. I paid $599 for my new ICS M4 RIS. To my door. Have yet to find cheaper for new anywhere in Canada and not get raped on shipping.

As for tax, GST. We don't have PST here in sunny alberta.

And as for whether or not to buy from them... I HIGHLY recommend them. What you do is up to you, but I have had nothing but exceptional service from Frank. And as of this writing haven't heard anything negative. Like DC says, "If you can find a better car, buy it", same thing applies here... if you can find a cheaper [insert item here], buy it. Just avoid the super cheap AEG's LOL

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