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KSC USP Compact with upgraded recoil spring, hammer spring, metal outer barrel, metal slide.

3x bottles of propane have been used (fired about 5000 shots)

Problem #1: Hopup rubber broke in its first few weeks after its purchase.

Problem #2: Three days ago, a week after installing the hammer spring, the trigger snapped.

Problem #3: When firing the slide sometimes gets stuck on the hopup rubber, causing it to embed itself into it. Which means during some games the slide has to be moved into the proper position after every shot.

Problem #4: The safety switch no longer functions. Noticed this after a month of use.

In my opinion, installing a hammer spring was a very bad idea. It puts way too much stress on the trigger which is made of very poor metal.

I take good care of my pistol, i clean it and lube it after every use. has been dropped a few times and left in the dirt. But I don't scratch my guns i love them too much.

All of my magazines work flawlessly but a broken trigger means a useless pistol now untill a replacement trigger can be found
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