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8-O, haha, that's the 'lamest' attemt to scam someone I've ever seen.
If this is real, then "Jorge Bush" is a frog.

By the way, you do know this is AirsoftCanada, right?
We sell in the u.s.only.
And what the hell are you trying to say here? That you built a weapon for the prime purpose of killing someone without leaving evidence?
What device does every home in America
have that could be re-designed into a weapon by the average
person and could be used kill a person leaving no trace of
evidence as to how the person died.
Yes a person could really get away with murder. I built such a
device for under $100.00 dollars.
The device is called a n.e.r.f. Gun.
Fires 12,000 WATTS of microwave energy.
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