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The problem is the sheer overhead of both acquiring and running on a long term basis, a facility as we are discussing. The airsoft market in Southern Ontario is quite small, and the amount of revenue you can squeeze from said market is even smaller... which is why you would need to look to multiple revenue streams to support it. Like Brian has mentioned, ProShop, Rentals, team building sessions, blah blah blah. But even with all of these things, I think you would be hard pressed to make ends meet on a regular basis.

The rent/lease + utilities + insurance alone would kill you. Let's not mention building and maintaining structures, employees, maintaining your weapon/parts inventory etc...

I would love to see a serious indoor/outdoor airsoft facility fly in Southern Ontario but it's going to take people with a passion for the game, lots of money, lots of energy and piles of imagination and business know-how.
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