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Yeah, like others said, check out the retailers button at the top of the screen... there is one there 4th on the list called Airsoft KELOWNA! That would be 30 minutes drive from where you are...

The benefit is that you only live 30 minutes from one of the best retailers in the country. I live in Kelowna and get pretty much everything through them. Great guys to deal with, active in the local club, can get anything you want and they work hard to get it as soon as humanely possible.

If you take the time to give them a call you can come down and check out some guns. I would be willing to bring my M14 over for you to check if you want. You can even rent a gun for a day and join the local club on the field. Just to get a taste of what it's really like. Would help immensely if your 18+ though.

They also have a local forum you can signup and post in:

Kelowna BC
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