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Originally Posted by Blackthorne
Originally Posted by whisper_kill
I prefer CQB to be a little more atmospheric, with more "real-world" feel. This seems way too polished and organized for me personally. But then again... any place to play is a good thing.

I agree. CQB should be dirty, slippery and full of sharp edges like real life. Of course, there are insurance issues to worry about, but I dreaming a bit here..

Real doors. Lightbulbs you could break at will. Candy glass in the windows so you can smash it without TOO much risk.

Even small sections of wall that were made of paper or bristle board so if you didn't have disiplined fire, the BB's could travel through walls and hit noncoms in other rooms, also just like real life...

Who could afford it tho. Brain's math is very sobering!
Now you are looking at about 300 a person to make it break even. Still would be sweet.
Brian, thoughts?

Paying also sufficent attention to third personell.
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