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Anyone know how much

it costs to play in the indoor places in Japan, HK....?

The real issue for getting a place like that going here is charging enough to make it pay.

Places like splatters make their cash on paintballs, $.10 a piece most people will go through what 200 to 400 = $20 to $40 on top of the $25 field fee...

so they are making say after expenses $50 per player per attendance..average

20000 square feet anywhere where people could get to it is going to cost an annual rent of $240 000.00 or more That is 4800 player attendances to just hope to break even
400 a month .. 100 a week 16 a day, then you actualy make profit on gun rentals...because your player base has paid your bills.

now for airsoft... no paintball sales, few rentals most people have their own.
$25 field fee. = 9600 attendances = 800 a month= 200 a week = 33 a day

hmm not impossible... if you also did some other things......too.. proshop.. kit sales, ......

but you would need backing of about 1.2 million to draw on to get it off the ground.....

Ok... shutting up now... have to call my accountant!
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