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I'm seeing so many more cases of this sort of thing since Charlie Wenzel got pwned by Mods and admins everywhere on chatrooms and bbs', newgroups and forums are bringing justice to the front doors of the perpetrators of threats that no one would tolerate face to face. Smallbrained idiots running their mouths over the internet, thinking they're invincible and untouchable, then being completely surprised when the PD shows up with some very unfriendly questions.

It's happened to me (though definitely not to this severity, but the illusion of invincibilty was deposed from my brain pretty roughly. I won't get into it in detail, but I said some things not directly at anyone, and I happen to fit a pretty damnable profile, so...yeah), and I learned my lesson right quick. Hopefully, this will sink in to young Sam.

Good jorb, Homestar.


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