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What happens when you make death threats on ASC.

Recently there was a user who threatened to come to a game and shoot both Freedom Fighter and I. We tracked this guy down to be Puzzle and I phoned the OPP to file a complaint.

Fortunately for Puzzle he's a minor and when I did talk to the OPP a few weeks ago I requested that he not be expelled from school (I don't want him to be a welfare case leaching off the public teet). If Puzzle was an adult he would be looking at a stay in jail, possible loss of employment if he was employed and a public mark on his record. I know this because a friend of mine made the mistake of threatening his exwife when she tried to prevent him from seeing his kids.

The OPP called me back this morning in regards to Puzzle. His name is Sam Hoskins, he goes to "Bonus Highschool" or something like that. There is now a note on his "justice file" in regards to his actions. What this means is should he ever decide to try and get his PAL it's probably not going to happen. Even though he's a minor his file sticks with him for life even though it's closed to the public access after he's 18. He has also been suspended from using school and home computers to connect to the internet.

I'm not sure if Sam learned anything or will just blame everyone else for his problems but one thing is for sure Sam Hoskins will not be buying a gun anytime soon.

While I have no control over how the Alberta guys play or whom they play with I do recommend that Sam Hoskins not be allowed to play at any events in Alberta (he has been banned from JOC).

If retailers are reading this, scribble down Sam Hoskins name in the back of your brain because if you do sell this guy a gun he probably will point it at some one at a place other then an airsoft game and threaten people with it. This will probably come back to bite anyone who does sell Sam a gun as he's going to point his finger at you and who needs the hassle of dealing with the police on such a matter.

Just because you're hiding behind a computer screen doesn't mean your actions can not be traced back to you.
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