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I know that a lot of you are ragging me on not buying Canadian but its because the U.S. sites have the clothes that I want for U.S. prices. Where in Canada can you find 10-14 dollar Flectharn, 10 dollar U.S. Woodland BDU shirt, 6 dollar BDU woodland pants? Its hard for me to even phantom (ed: fathom) buying clothing/gear from the retailers listed above. I went to Kuramae because I have a serious distrust for the postal service and also the building I live in lets the guards sign our packages so yeah there's been a lot of fell off the truck packages.

I'm going to buy my guns from ASC listed retailers but not my gear. I'm saving at least 50 dollars and shipping is already calculated when I buy American depending on how big the order is and sometimes my close friends buy gear with me so we do a small group order. I know that you are all like support the Canadian Airsoft Community I'm good with that I do plan to buy some more AEGs or Gas Pistols from Canadian retailers but its just that for gear its still more economical for me to buy from the states since our dollar is strong.
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