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Hosting... Ain't all its cracked up to be

I seem to remember that I indicated in the Renegades AAR that it would be a good idea for someone to take the lead and develop the Renegades location for Airsoft use. Set some firm clear rules .. and get playing.

Good on the Snowdragons to have done so! It is this kind of leadership that should be expected from the organized teams.

It is immaterial to anyone.. or should be, who is hosting what.. It is also immaterial what rules are in play.. when you go somewhere you adapt to the rules in use, no complaints.. Whining about rules.. is still whining.

There are a few ways to get a bad rep in any community.. Cheating, being one.. being a "tard" ( exercising poor judgement in what you say and do) and Whining. Out of them all getting a rep as whiner will lose more respect than any.
Cheaters.. you hate, "Tards" you tolerate (there are so many you can't avoid them) Whiners.... you don't invite back... or you avoid interacting with them at all.. because they are like a wet blanket over anything fun.

As a host, it is the whiners that ruin it...
In the 20+ games that I have hosted to date ( at three a week they rack up fast) in each and every case it was the whining that invariably happens that caused the endeavor to be stressful. This is why I have a firm no whining policy, and cultivate a "give the other guy the benefit of the doubt" culture.
We are all mature people engaged in a contact activity, hard knocks, come with the territory, A grin and a well done!( while you staunch the flow of blood) will go miles to earning respect, While one "you Fu**ing Tard can't you see that I'm at 9 and 3\4 feet!!! and running to the Host, will mark you irrevocably as a whiner.

It is a great time in Ontario for Airsoft.. More and more people are getting into the activity, We are carving a share of venue space from the paintballers.. We are getting respect.

The only way we can blow it now is to waste all our time with interteam, interorganization backbiting, and brinkmanship. In my short time in this community..I have seen far too much of it.

I have no time for it... I am too busy growing my school, and introducing new people to the Airsoft community. And in my opinion anyone who wastes time whining about who is doing what to whom is more interested in politics than playing.

In short... I support any initiative that grows the community in a positive direction.. and I see a solid established team taking ownership of the development of a new venue as a positive development.

OH... and just to make certain that there are no missunderstandings.. TTAC3 is not a "team" there are exactly 2 "TTAC3 Guys" Myself and Shawn Zirger, the instructors of the college. There may in fact be groups of players who have been trained and continue to train at TTAC3, Notwithstanding.. this does not make them a team. TTAC3 remains as a non-partisan training facility and CQB playing arena, open and welcoming to anyone who wants to receive training in CQB and firearm combatives or participate in intense close quarters combat. The actions of individual players who have an affiliation with TTAC3 be they good or ill are exactly that.. the actions of individuals and any censure or congratulations must fall only upon the individual.

I am embarking on a initiative to form a team.. composed of TTAC3 Alumnai but this team will be, when it is introduced to the community, distinct from the college.
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