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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker
Originally Posted by W.K.Shuridys
Awesome piece, great to see responsible and unbiased reporting for once! Hats off to the Kiwis.
Good stuff Putin! Lol, Putin your money where your mouth is! Man, that is a fun name to play with, but not nearly as classic as a guy I know, last name is Kuntz............ wow, can you imagine being him in grade/high school? Lol

I can. In a country where Pu-tin doesnt sound like poutine. Also i imagine him being able to nuke the whole damn planet...
You dont choose who you love, love chooses you; and that little fucking son of a bitch sticks itself to your face like the godless bloodsucking bastards in Alien and refuses to let go until it has drained your soul and left you an empty shell of a human being.

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