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Very well done video! Makes me what to start digging trenches at the LZ for next season. Glad to see it's put in the proper context, at least the woman's "Boy will be boys" attitude and the way the players explained everything as it should be told. Assume the "uniform" is a police officer/chief, and he made a couple decent points, but even still, semi only is much better than "airsoft is illegal" mentality we hear of (Australia for example............ yes, I know, people have protested my being wrong before on this, fact is, I'm right. Just ask AussieJim on Airsoft Ottawa, he came up here (yes, literally from Australia!!!) for Op:QuickPass at the Rawdon field back in Sept. Talking to him......... yes, airsoft is indeed fully illegal in all forms, look at the most recent thread posted here showing that half sized AK-47s got siezed because they are realistic looking toys that could hurt someone. Proof enough for the naysayers?)

I'll watch that segment a few more times because it was so well done! Good find Conscript!
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