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For those of us familiar with what they've really got in their hands there, that image is laughable. They're posing like they won first prize at the special olympics. Maybe someone should try loading that AK up and shooting it before they declare themselves heroes of the nation for stopping what were correctly labelled as toys from entering the country.

You can still get real firearms in Australia, so what difference does it make if you can get airsoft?

On that note, a friend of mine asked me whether or not I would pull out my airsoft gun if I heard someone breaking into my house. I thought about it, but came to the conclusion that without a doubt NO WAY. The illusion of threat it offers is counter-pointed by the reality of provoking a potentially armed person to fire on me. Bottomline, airsofts are realistic looking TOYS that serve no REAL defensive or offensive value at all. I haven't looked into soft-air related injuries/deaths, but I can't imagine its anywhere near the stats of kids who get hit by cars on their bikes, I'm sure even on a per-capita basis.
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