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First Post / My Concern

How's it going, first post on here. I'm a hobby-bassist, and soon-to-be-hired nerd, and I've always had an interest in Airsoft. The problem; I'm 16 (as of a few weeks from now). I realize quite a few people my age (and younger :shock: ) ignore the age cautions and get their parents to buy their stuff, but I think that's pretty disrespectful towards the sport. Hope nobody minds if I basically just tag around here until I'm legally allowed to Airsoft.

Here's my concern; I've done alot of reading, and I've pretty much decided what I would want for my first primary + sec. I'm just worried that by the time I'm 18, the guns (KJW Glock 23 + CA M15A4 Rifle/Full Stock) will maybe be no longer available. Is this a valid concern, or am I just worrying over nothing ?

Also, a side question; would you consider "casual" attire disrespectful, or sloppy? What I mean is, if I or someone were to show up at an airsoft field in a black tee and cargo pants (And maybe some vital kits; mag / pistol holster, and such), would they be frowned upon? I ask this because I've noticed almost an exclusive prefference to really kit out, and wear the real deal, and to be perfectly honest, it just doesn't appeal to me. I'm really just indifferent to the idea of putting on full garb to look the part, when I could probably have just as much fun in reasonably casual dress.

Sorry to go on and on.

Anyways, thanks for any input / advice.
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