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Originally Posted by Quaff
Ask the OPP what they use for training. They use Simunition. Airsoft is nowhere near close enough to the real thing, they are toys. Sorry to say it.
Simunition uses the officers own gun, how much more would you want? I doubt there is a single Police Service in Canada that would use airsoft, but if you want to suggest one, I'm sure I can find out.
They can afford it. Good. Never said that airsoft was BETTER than the alternatives, just that it makes a good affordable alternative to the more expensive stuff.

Renegade and Fox, nuff, said. As I outlined, I hear and read what I hear and read. I avoid Toronto as much as I can, why? I've been there and hate the place. Call me biased if you like. I have opinion as well for certain things, but at least I've been there. Toronto is too fast paced and too Liberal for my tastes. Ok, overall I survived being there, but drivers are insane and a lot of rude people there. I guess that can be said for most places, but Toronto seems to have it in spades. And besides, the Leafs suck. :lol:
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