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Originally Posted by Shugart
Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker
Originally Posted by FOX_111
But I must add that we don't live in the far west. Or should I say, in the US.
Or Toronto................... I trust you've been keeping up with that one......... blacks are safer in Detriot than in Toronto........... Toronto is the prime example of how the "Soft On Crime" mentality does NOT work!
I don't know what stats you've been reading, but over a ten year trend, violent crimes in Toronto have been falling. There's only been a slight increase in the use of firearms. Toronto is the safest big City in Canada. For a city our size, and to still remain quite safe, that says something of the way the or social programs are working.
That's twice in as many weeks that you've said this. Must really be that either the media is making up stuff with all the reports of shootings (just yesterday I came across a shooting at a funeral in Toronto) or you are a member of Toronto city council and in typical denial. I don't go by stats, I go by what I hear on the news or see in the National Post or Globe & Mail (who says I don't read liberal biased stuff?). I'd STILL lean towards what the media reports on than by what Shugart on ASC says. No offence, but weigh the sides to see. Have heard a few times in the past couple months that out of all the cities in North America, Toronto is the most dangerous for blacks to live in.......... assume I guess that if you are talking guns and blacks, the media has it down pat, but if we take your issues of overall crime, then it might be much more reduced. I talk about occasions where firearms are drawn and the criminals actually use them in all that I've said, and officers have to actually USE their sidearms, not occasions where police officers are to call out the SWAT team to deal with errant jaywalkers. Hell, from what the reports could actually be, a per capita basis, just like Winnepeg is "murder capital of North America" or whatever has been reported, is 'per capita'. I think this is where you and I will have to agree to clarity.

Back on the thread, airsoft is more realistic than paintball due to the weapons used, and at close ranges airsoft hurts. That is force on force, espeically when used indoors, such as room clearing. Cops learn recoil and boom at the range, as well as the ballistics of their sidearms. Indoor training with GBBs is very effective because you learn from your welts, you learn to grab and hold the gun under stress, deal with any safety that might be on the gun (Glocks are popular, have no safety lever as we know). We aren't talking about training police officers on the range with airsoft, never having them shoot the actual gun they will carry with them and will save their life when/if it comes up, then issuing them the sidearm and hoping they do ok with it based upon training with paintmarkers or airsoft. Simunitions doesn't have the same recoil or noise that real guns do either.

Overall, what you say is the same thing as training pilots in simulators for a year or so, then giving them the licence to fly for major airlines without their ever having seen the cockpit of an actual airplane before. That is the impression I get from your words.
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