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Originally Posted by Quaff
Cost is a small price to pay for almost exact realism.
Yes, BUT, if the department is already strapped for cash (many ARE), then alternatives have to be looked at. Also, if you read above, what if the guns your department uses daily isn't available in Simunition form? Go with a totally different type for the sake of realism, then make your officers learn a new weapon system for training, and a different one that will actually save your life?

I fully understand your point, but understand the other details present. Ideally the best is to train with as close to the issued guns as possible. If the carry gun is a Glock, why train with a Simunition Beretta 92 when you can train with a Glock GBB? Both operate differently, Glock has the trigger safety, Beretta has a switch that sits high on the slide. Many officers aren't very gun savvy and will get screwed up.

Then back on the cost thing, if half a dozen GBBs and plenty of ammo can be had for the price of one Simunition conversion kit or actually Simunition gun......... Not sure about other cities, but the Ottawa Police Force is extremely strapped for cash, constantly hear about it in the news, their trying to get more cash out of City Hall, and are under staffed as well. I think we have like one officer for every 700 people here. Not sure the standard across the country, but there are more pressing things than just spending $20-30k for a couple Simunition guns. Be nice if departments can rent a set for a few weeks though. Anyone want to start a business? ;-)
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