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Originally Posted by FOX_111
But I must add that we don't live in the far west. Or should I say, in the US.
Or Toronto................... I trust you've been keeping up with that one......... blacks are safer in Detriot than in Toronto........... Toronto is the prime example of how the "Soft On Crime" mentality does NOT work!

In the end, every single one of our law enforcement officers needs annual training with force-on-force. For starters, it makes them understand shoot or get shot mentality, but also makes them feel comfortable simply pointing their guns at criminals when arresting. Not that every criminal needs a gun shoved in his face, but for cops, they won't stand there thinking "Whoa, this is different!" and have them position themselves ina way that if the arrest goes bad, they had it go bad with airsoft and got shot in the ass, therefore they know enough to put their body in behind some type of cover when making their arrest. That is a prime example of where force on force training is usefull, even if not single shot if fired. Let's you knwo what parts of your body are exposed to bullets.
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