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Nuff said Fox, glad you came in to clear it up. On all that you said of course. I can't see many Canadian police departments doing any real training with airsoft/Simunition/etc. Too traditional up here, and unless you patrol Toronto, little need to train in drawing a gun anyways. Which in my opinion is a mistake, but who will listen to me anyways. Is all to bad, in my opinion police depatments should put themselves through airsoft training with airsoft players. Why? Because the article I posted emphasises force-on-force training to condition their officers for real world shoot outs. Airsofters, by choice, engage in force-on-force engagements anyways, so chances are, you put a range trained officer up against a skilled airsofter with the same weapons in any environment, the airsofter will always win because it's what they are used to doing. Worst criminal for a police officer to go up against would be a vet of a war (obviously) but a regular airsofter will be more used to force-on-force and actually shooting someone than the cop will.

Cops need better funding, and more emphasis on REAL training, including shooting and being shot by making mistakes.
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