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Originally Posted by Quaff
You wont see many law enforcement agencies using airsoft, if any at all. There are far better products out there for training use, like Simunition, which allows them to use their own service weapons (with a minor alteration to ensure that real bullets can not accidentally get mixed in).
Cost. They can use their own guns, but would have to have the actions, barrels, etc. all replaced to fire the Simunition, hence the added cost of LOTS of money. Airsoft is dirt cheap, as is the ammo for them. Got this above info from the article, and it makes perfect sense.

And Fox111 is a security guard, not a cop, unless he made it into cop training since I last talked to him.

EDIT: Gonna add in the blurb regarding why Simuntion isn't for every department and why airsoft is better:

"Simunitions are real firearms that have been converted to fire sub-calibre marking cartridges. Simunitions offer much greater realism and flexibility, but the rounds can be costly, and the conversion kits are not currently available for all weapons and calibers."

Goes on to say this, which we all know already, and is an extremely good reason WHY airsoft is a better training aid for police departments:

"Airsoft manufacturers have replicated every popular handgun and rifle. Through use of high tech plastic polymer technology and comuter aided design, manufacturers have created Airsoft guns in intricate detail. The cost of the average high quality Airsoft gun is $75 to $200, and the ammunition runs about $20 for 6,000 BBs. The combination of realism, safety and low cost has made Airsoft guns appealing alternatives to other products. However, they are made of lightweight aluminum and plastic, so they're fragile and not as durable as real weapons."

Aside from his getting the metal type wrong, he's right on the money. If your department uses Beretta 92s, buy a bunch of Beretta 92 airsoft guns. If your department uses Glock 22s in .40 S&W, buy a bunch of airsoft Glock 17s. If they are issued Glock 23s in .40S&W, buy a bunch of airsoft Glock 19s (In both cases, full sized and compact are the exact same physical size, regardless of the 9mm and .40 S&W differences). From there, the author leads into the paragraphs regarding the Systema PTW.
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