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Now, on with the more serious par of this thread...

Yes, it would be a good thing for us if they declared AEG's as replicas and issued papers to legally own them... or created a separate category in the law specifically for airsoft and created a permit to own them... but that's about as far as that would go (giving permits to own them), as registering the guns themselves would never work. No matter how you plan to do it, and it does not even have to do with the "but the evil minds of this world will never register their guns" thing we always come back to... Let me explain this new problem that would make the registry even more expensive than the actual gun registry... even if the market's so low compared to real steel...

How on earth do you plan to register 500 KJW M9 pistols that ALL have the SAME serial number? Or the TM 750 M4's out there that all have the same serials? Or the hundreds of M11's, or the... do I have to continue or have I made my point clear anough yet?

It's all fun is theory, but try to bring it to the world of gov. paperwork, and it all goes straight to the can... Nothing to do with the Gov. itself, more as they have strict procedures to keep track of EVERYTHING, and a serial number's one of the things they would request... and they're all the same for the same model of the same brand.

Next problem is the definition of a replica... shooting non-harmful projectiles... now, I don't know about you, but I'm darn sure that a BB shot point blank from even a TM sprigner (say 150 FPS with .20g's to give the worst TM out there, I'll forget about EBB's, those would never manage to harm a fly even if it crept inside the barrel before the shot went off.) would poke someone's eye out... Again, this would be solved if they created a different category in the law for airsoft all together and just made papers to own them...

Making you take a 2-week class about safe handling, maintenance, proper use, and point out that from now, if you're dumb anough to bring it out to a public place and point it at a cop when they show up (and they WILL show up), they no longer have to try and see if it's a real one or not, they will just fill you with lead from head to toe with no remorse... protecting the public's the #1 concern, working against natural selection shouldn't be.

Again, I have to appologize for the long post, I always put more rant than I should, but considering I have not posted in months, might as well make the first post a complete one and go thru all that could come up, no?

Grammar nazis can feel free to PM me if they see any typos or other such mistakes in my posts.

It's appreciated and helps me improve the quality of my grammar (which seems to have taken a hit since I started visiting this forum :| )

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