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1. Read FAQ
2. Usually the field organisers determine the rules. The rules are pretty standard get hit and you're out. Sometimes gun hits arn't a kill but you can't use your gun. Etc. Teams where we play are derermined randomly, sometimes people have different cammo patterns for different teams. Usually start with an AEG (automatic electic gun) anything less and you'll be super outclassed and get annoyed with the sport. (I preffer the ak) Usually a stock gun is good enough to play with. Unless you have an upgraded gun (new inner barrel etc) the accuracy won't be good enough to warrent a scope. Although a scope could be good for spotting targets further away. You need a battery with your gun and some mags. If you decide to go with locaps you need some type of system to store them on you (webbing etc).
3. Read FAQ
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if i could get some hours here i would suck less
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