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- upgraded recoil and hammer springs @ ZERO mags
- Firefly rocket valve @ 39 mags
- upgraded valve plug spring @ 39 mags

Propellant: approximately 45x mags-worth (mix of G19/G17) using only Coleman (blue bottle) and Taiwanese green gas. Mix of full auto and semi doubletaps.

Failures to date:
- stock floating valve combusted @37/39 mags using green gas on warm summer day.
- loading nozzle damaged due to gross negligence during floating valve installation (not gas related)
- no problems previous to floating valve failure.

New loading nozzle, firefly rocket valve, and upgraded plug spring @ 1.5 mags and going strong.

WA Beretta 92FS Centurion
- upgraded PGC loading nozzle @ 50 mags

Propellant: Upwards of 60 mags-worth using ONLY green gas. No duster, ever.

- loading nozzle lip and BB-push nub thoroughly fuxxored @ 40 mags.

Loading nozzle damage caused extreme gas consumption. Replaced with PGC nozzle @50 mags.

Pistol subsequently sold. Slide was intact and going strong.
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