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Originally Posted by skaterjoe
GBB model: TM desert eagle hardkick
quantity of propelent: at least 4 or 5 bottles of various brands of propane. (burnzomatic, siara trail, colman, and another)
failures to date: same thing as Egria experianced. a pice inside the slide broke, except mine broke right off and was floting around causing jams. took me a wile to figure it out, but i took it apart, removed the pice and it works again, except for the safty. (it might still be able to work, i have tried puting the pices back in) this was at a bottle of propane ago.
Note: this happend when i loaned the gun out a couple times, so i cant be sure that the cause was propane.
Ya same thing. I only found out when my gun started jaming up and the slide wouldn't slide all the way foward.


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