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Collecting statistical data on GBB life

I regularly get questions on how long a particular GBB slide will last shooting propane. I also get a lot of requests to lifecycle test a GBB on the lifecycle tester I built to prove my flow restrictor:

While this is probably the most sure way to monitor lifecycle related failures in a GBB, it's very expensive and the results are unfortunately only anecdotal. A lifecycle test means I have to pretty much sacrifice a GBB (not many ppl want to buy a GBB with 15k shots on it) and I have to maintain the test for 2-3 days (which actually costs more than the GBB itself).

Failing that, I would still like to give a useful answer to GBB lifecycle questions.

If you use a GBB that you know the history of (i.e. first owner) please respond in the following format:

GBB model: please be specific e.g. KSCG17 or KWAG17

Quantity and type of propellent used to date: 8x 465g cans propane, + 3 containers of HFC134a

Failures to date: broken slide @ apprx 3x cans of propane, replaced nozzle @ 5x cans

Interesting history: dropped down a concrete stairwell during indoor CQB game @ 2 cans. Pistolwhipped/mercydeathkilled someone wearing a helmet @ 2.5 cans

If you have used your GBB and still have experienced no failures for more than 3 cans of propellant, I'm still interested in your GBB history. Just post the GBB model, Qty and type of propellant used to date, and I'll assume no failures to date (if none are stated).

Thanks for your help in this matter. It would be nice to finally be able to say something more useful than: "I'm sorry, I have no non anecdotal usage data on your particular GBB. If your comfortable with green gas, than you've already accepted propane."

I suspect that nearly everyone uses propane/GG especially in the US anyways. It would still be good to categorize GBB failures with respect to shots (I can calculate with propellant usage) as it would indicate what GBBs are actually reliable.
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