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Why can't we just beat the crap out of these kids? I mean if you looked back 30 years ago... a kid did something like this, his ass would be red for a year! But now the kids have the run of the show, because "WE'll call social services"... I'd say fine and go on vacation when the SS took the kid away.... anyway the biggest problem is really discipline and instruction... kids don't go hunting no more... they're barely allowed to now adays... my grandfather nearly got charged because I carried his rifle for him (he couldn't walk to much in the woods... so I carried it empty)... but even empty it was still a weapon and no 13 yr old can have the responsibility to use it... even though when I was 9 I could break down that .308 and rebuild it in 2 minutes and 30 seconds.... fast enough for a kid but anyway...

No one respects no one no more, and no one teaches anyone no more. I've met so many kids playing online games like Counter strike and Day of Defeat who beleive they know all but all they did was play video games with VERY poor representations of real weapons. Like sniper rifles, you have to dope your distance, correct your windspeed and all that... in a game its point click shoot reload... and then they have no real accuracy to the weapons in use... like the .50 cal sniper rifle... if I wasn't mistaken that rifle is illegal to use on a person... so says Geneva... blah blah blah... bottom line...

WHO THE FUCK LETS THESE KIDS GET THESE DAMN GUNS!?!?!... Its the same as that Clinton bitch saying "Games are too violent for kids so stop making them entirely"... why don't people like this get up off their damn ass and stop the KIDS from playing the games instead of the games from existing... putting LOTS of people out on the street with out a job, killing a huge industry and ruining alot of our damn private lives...
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