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i guess rememberance day holds a different meaning for those of us who had family that fought on the opposing side. My nonno fought in africa and albania, and finally was rewarded with nearly two years in a german concentration camp. My great uncles fought, and some died, in Greece, Yugoslavia and again, in Africa.

our families don't receive the same recognition as Canadian vets, and while vilified, reviled, and labelled as cowards by our Canadian contemporaries, i realize that the vets of Canada don't feel the same way as those students of history and politics, and so i salute those men who fought and died on my home soil (My town is a 5 minute drive from Ortona and the Moro river.) And forever remember the good souls which passed through my homeland and left little trace of their passing, save the smiles and good memories of those who tell of them today.

May god bless those long dead, both axis and allied, and may we educate modern Canadians to not hate those who simply fought for their country, as their progenitors fought for theirs.

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