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lol, you keep stressing that the soldier should be commemorated simply for being a soldier, yet you continue to dance around that question that you know will sink you:
Would you commemorate an Al-Queda soldier for his cause? Would you congratulate him on his success? Would you commemorate the promotion of terroristic regime?

You see if you answer no, then you contradict yourself, but if you say yes... well, I dare you to

You see your logic is as follows:
IF soldier X, then soldier X's cause, actions, and success should be commemorated.

whereas my logic is as follows:
IF soldier X AND soldier X cause = good, then soldier X's cause, actions and succes should be commemorated.

Do you see the problem with your logic? I can substitute any terrorist for X, and by your logic, that terrorist's regime, actions, and success should be commemorated too.... scary.

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