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Originally Posted by -MikeL-
Plus, most weapons(atleast the ones I've fired) were designed with right handed shooters in mind. An some AR15s don't have the brass deflectors, or even forward assists.
Considering the study I quoted earlier:

9 out of 10 People are right handed
8 out of 10 People are right footed
7 out of 10 People are right eyed
6 out of 10 People are right eared

(BTW, I'm right footed as well, but left eared............ ya, I'm fucked).

Part of my deciding on a poll was this line in the CAR PDF file I posted:

"3 out of 10 people are left eye dominant. So now we have a substantial group who are right handed, and left eye preferred."

I wanted to see how many of you are like this, and so far the results are............

24 out of 368, Right hand (damn lack poll edit ability!!!) dominant, left eye dominant 6.52%............ ok, 3 out of 10 is pushing it for our community. :roll:
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