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So Franklin Mint is the US Goverment now?
Hey I can open up my own minting company and start commemorating who ever I choose too...

As I said, I am not here to delve into the justification of the Fatman and Littleboy, more importantly, to point out that you cannot equally commemorate two soldiers for simply "being soldiers", because in one case just "being a soldier" promoted good, but in the other, it promoted evil, something which should not be commemorated.

Context is key. Skilled running in a 100m dash is commemorated, running away during combat is not. Skilled punching in a boxing match is commemorated, the same in a court of law is not. You see, simply "running" or "punching" by itself has no merit for commemoration; it is the context in which each is used that awards it commemoration. Likewise, you do not simply commemorate just "the soldier", but must view the context in which he is soldering in. If he is a soldier promoting good, then this context allows this soldier to be commemorated, whereas if the context is promoting evil, then this soldier should not be commemorated.

Your before last post seems to be leaning more and more to justifying terrorism and fighting for "what you believe in". This scares me. Yes, in some cases it may be increasingly harder to objectifiably state what is good and evil (such as the atomic bomb), however in cases of terrorism and natzi-ism, I ask you, is there any doubt?
Should the al-queda commemorate their terrorists? sure, they fight for what is moral as seen by al-queda. But should the majority of the free and "moral" world, I should hope not. If you and other nazi-empathizers wish to commemorate German soldiers for battlefield courage regardless of what the courage was being used for (good or evil), than I have no objection, however so long as the majority of the world who realizes that the nazi regime was evil doesn't start doing the same.

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