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And again, I say yes, it takes courage for a soldier to be a soldier regardless of what you are fighting for. However, commemoration is bestowed upon those who have done good, and not just done period. We can still remember and pity those german soldiers who lost their lives without choice, however we should not openly commemorate them to the same degree that we do our own allied soldiers, for to do so would be to commemorate the struggle and fight for evil. This, we do not want.
As you yourself presented, much like the Enola Gay and her crew are NOT commemorated so not should the german soldiers be. You yourself gave a perfect example of when courage and steadfast to orders can be present, but yet still do not warrant commemoration.
If you truly believe in commemorating the soldier regardless of the cause, then maybe you should start working on having all soldiers of terroristic regime's commemorated too, Milosvic's soldiers, Hitler's SS, and I'm sure those with more knowledge on the going-on's in Serbia, Somolia, Yugoslovia, Bosnia, Palestine, etc, could provide a never ending list of soldiers for you to commemorate regardless of their intent to inforce regimes of terror.

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