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I will leave you with this, as this thread has degraded to name calling again.

You are trying to argue that we commemorate the "allies" for their bravery and determination during WW2.

I, on the other hand, am trying to argue that we should commemorate "the soldier" for their bravery and determination. Period. That would include any and all soldiers. You are debating the act(s) and I am debating the person(s).

Of course I don't believe in Hitler's mass extermination of a people. Or his fanatical want to expand the German territory. Just like I find horror in events like Hiroshima and Nagasaki courtesy our U.S. friends, or the events at Masada brought on by our Italian friends. But these soldiers, I mean the individual men and women who have to face up to their fears and enemies, in all weather, far from home, under the poorest of conditions and follow orders deserve our commemoration, remembrance and prayers, not for the act but for the individual.

And I think you just revealed your maturity level. If you can't proove your points without making public death threats, who truly has the problem here?

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