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Originally Posted by whisper_kill
Sorry, commemoration does not mean encouragement!
"Commemorate: To honor the memory of with a ceremony" as stated in the dictionary!
lol, how did I know you would go and take the literal meaning of it... :smack:
Think of an act that you would commemorate but not encourage under the same circumstances..... Can't think of one? that's because they are inseperable from one another. Yes they do not literally mean the same thing, but what a language that would be if every word did eh?
please, for next time, think outside of the box okay?

Anyways, back on topic:
It would be immoral to commemorate German soldiers for battlefield courage, for this courage was inacted for the intent of evil, and such a thing should not be commemorated.
Hey whipser_kill, I am very courageous, I had the courage to kill
1) 500 SS soldiers during the battle of the bulge, freeing cities from opression, murder, and tyrannic rule
2) 500 allies so that they could not release our starving Jewish prisoners whom we kept in suffering
Which form of courage would you commemorate me for?

"And the Lord said unto John, 'Come forth and receive eternal life.' But John came fifth and won a toaster."
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