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Originally Posted by whisper_kill
Soldiers everywhere are trained to essentially do as they are told, by their superiors. The men and women of any army (including the German's during WW1 and 2) are worthy of commemoration for their bravery in the face of ABSOLUTELY OVERWHELMING FORCES. Imagine if you will, these German's you mention in their Pillboxes. Could you imagine the sheer terror they must have felt as they witnessed a naval and aerial armada the likes of which this planet has never seen before? AND THEY STAYED AT THEIR POSTS!!

WW2 was much more than Normandy. If you've read about other important struggles of the last 50 some odd years, Stalingrad for one, put German soldiers and Russian soldiers through a living hell, in the name of their country.

I'm not trying to defend any one political ideal or religious belief here but merely try to demonstrate that the soldier is a pawn. A pawn that is controlled by their government. You cannot condemn a soldier for being a soldier!
In case of Russian soldiers, it was not in the name of their country. It was in the name of their relatives, friends, and everyone. Hitler had a master plan for Slavs to be either made slaves or killed, and there was no Atlantic ocean or English channel to stop him.
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