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Originally Posted by p.phresh
I'm one of those oddball shooters,

when i'm shooting with a pistol, i shoot right handed, both eyes open and but aim with my left eye. When i hold up a gun and put it on target, i close each eye to see which one it lines up with, and everytime, i've lined it up with my left eye.

but when i shoot a rifle, i shoot right handed, and when i bring my rifle up i automatically sight it in with my right eye, and still shoot with both eyes open. It's quite odd.
When I started archery at age 11 (am 2 weeks to 34 now) my instructor punched a small hole out on a peice of paper, told me to hold it at arms length with the target centered, then slowly draw it back to my face while maintaining the bull in the hole. Each time it went to my right eye. Dirt simple clarification that I am right eye dominant (curiousity though, that according to my mother, I was left hand dominant before I started school, and that was back in the '70s and it was common place to force students to learn to be right handed. I was one, as well as my sister.)

Reason I brought this poll up was purely based upon my studying the CAR system, and the reasons given for canting the firearm to the oppposite eye from the shooting hand and such, also because I know what I am good at regarding shooting, so was curious what the rest of the community was like, and am super happy I've so far gotten 337 responses, as well as a superbly integration of techniques, discussion regarding some aspects of technique, and hey, this thread in itself made my old bud Greylocks actually CALL me to discuss airsoft, technique and real steel!!!! I'd like to thank each and every one of you for participating in this, it's been an education to me about you, and hopefully some of the stuff I've said and posted will help you learn your own technique and excell at it, as well a good look at the complexities of shooting techniques and the mentality behind certain stances/systems. Been a great asset to AirSoft Canada and wouldn't be a bad idea to sticky this for fun, since only the mature airsofters replied.

Thanks again to ALL of you!

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