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Originally Posted by pizzainthemorning
Cratedriver, you asked what I used for a spike. It's on the parts list a couple posts back, cushioned nail-on glide or something is the technical name. The beauty of the design is that I don't have to secure it, it's just put in and is secured, which is great because the only maintenance this mine requires is the occasional (for optimal results that is, you can use it 20 times in a row no problem) sharpening of this spike, and since it's not fixed to anything, you can take it right out.


Ahhh! That's brilliant! I know exactly what you're talking about.

As for the housing... i'm using PVC/ABS 3/4" pipe with endcaps. It has a pressure rating to 480 PSI. So i'm quite confident in its ability to withstand explosive gas expansion and not fall apart.
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