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On this day … on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we pause… to remember…

This day calls forth the shadows of long lost souls.. We remember this day the ending of the "War to end all Wars" the first World War which ended on November 11 1918, 87 years ago now. Almost all the warriors who strived for freedom in that war are gone.. Their voices forever mute, their memories.. lost to us. Their bodies dust, like their comrades who fell in that war.
Now the veterans of the Second war…too are drifting away .. Time silencing that which tyranny could not, Frail men.. Little left of the bold soldiers that fought.. That carried freedom with them into the mouth of evil..How many will year.. The year after.. To remind us?

Even today.. Canadians strive in troubled parts of the world to carry the message of freedom… Friends have fallen… returned from the heat.. Dust..forever changed.. Their souls darkened by war, eyes..still bright with youth. But showing the signs of having seen too much.

There is a cost to the luxury of being able to forget, to carry on our lives.. With regard only for ourselves..We don't pay it… others have by mixing blood with earth, screams with final silence, the least we can do is,

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